With more than ten years of production experience

Since 2013, our vision of Tianqi Plastic Products Factory in Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City is to create a business with honesty, trust, integrity and seamless process as the basic value of customers. It is a dice design and manufacturing factory located in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

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mature polishing technology


  • China ATQ Factory: The Best Choice for Board Game Lovers

    Are you a board game enthusiast who’s on the hunt for quality dice? Well, look no further, as China ATQ Factory game toy production factory is here to fulfill your dice needs! From DND board game dice to acrylic, resin, and metal dice, we’ve got it all covered. Now, you might be wonde...

  • 23 coolest RPG and DnD dice sets available.

      If you’re a fan of tabletop gaming, you know that having the perfect set of RPG and DnD dice is essential to fully immerse yourself in the game. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are dozens of options on the market that can take your gaming sessions to t...

  • Look at that! We also have resin dice

    https://www.zgtqsl.com/uploads/e3a09984238780a07ae2ab90c44d2637.mp4树脂种类各式各样,每一个都有各自的特点和美丽,就像我们各自都是世界上最特别的存在,你放心,我们工厂追求高品质、最大能力满足客户的需求和耐心体贴的服务,如果你有兴趣可以联系我们。Resin of all kinds, each has its own characteristics...

  • The new mini dice are here! Three colors for you to choose

    https://www.zgtqsl.com/uploads/a602a1d77acef4fd243199d02d4e101f.mp4Do you love these mini dice? Different colors of the collision of sparks, dice no matter how small, details or pull full, choose us, we will not disappoint your trust!

  • Bombshell news!! !New product launch

    https://www.zgtqsl.com/uploads/996d96528f37b309a7ff22b91b0abc391.mp4This is our factory’s latest research and development of heat change color spotted dice, there are two colors, red to pink, green to yellow, very novel, a limited number! Get in touch with us!


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